Mysterious Letter

You have received letters claiming to be from your comrade in the Shadowfell assault, Vermillion. They are written in a neat, elegant script on what appears to be high quality paper. The letter reads as follows:


I am writing you in hopes that I may garner your services in a dangerous, but rewarding endeavor in my home land of Ordenia. My country has fallen upon grim times. Civil war is looming. The government has become burdened with cowardly bureaucrats and even in the face of imminent danger refuses to act in order to save the country it supposedly governs. At the center of all this is a large band of crusaders known as The Light's Chosen. Although they were founded for the purpose of protecting the countryside from savages, bandits, and occultists, they now consider anyone of another church or a foreign land to be a threat that warrants hostile action. A group of my associates has decided that the time to act against the Light's Chosen is at hand. If you are willing to grant me sword and spell please meet me at the Winterhaven Inn's tavern on the first of the month. I can promise rewards both from the spoils of battle and from my associates who have ties with most of Ordenia's guilds of artisans.

Best regards,




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