Cata'thena Sid'hen

Eladrin Warlord (Inspriational) for 4th Edition D&D


RACE: Eladrin

CLASS: Inspring Warlord


AGE: 100

EYES: An ethrical and opalescant blue

HAIR: Pale gold

HEIGHT: 5'11"


Cata'thena Sid'hen was born into the Ruling House of the Eladrin. At the time of her birth, her grandmother, Amaran'thea Sid'hen, was Queen. Shortly after it, she stepped aside for Cata'thena's mother, Elor'annon Sid'hen, making Cata'thena the Crown-Princess and her elder brother, Eadranth Sid'hen, the Crown-Prince of the Eladrin People.

 While Eadranth was content to remain in Avalon, the mist-shrouded city of his birth, Cata'thena was consumed by restlessness. At night, she would hear the call of the outside world…be it pain, sorrow, or joy. She longed to be a part of that world. Her mother, sensing her daughter's unhappiness, arranged for Cata'thena to foster outside the mists of Avalon. Her old friend Gwydion, a priest of the good deity Pelor, was visiting Avalon. He offered to take the young princess under his wing and teach her the ways of the outside world.

 Cata'thena was overjoyed. For five years Father Gwydion fostered her among his order. While it was clear that she had no desire to don the mantle of a priestess, Cata'thena did show an aptitude for leadership. People naturally flocked to her and listened to her suggestions. She was possessed of the air of command necessary for a Crown-Princess and future ruler of her people. Her two constant companions were young priestesses…one human and one half-elven: Marla and Shaydra. The threesome were never far from one another…although it was clear that the other two deferred to Cata'thena in all things.


Cata'thena Sid'hen

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